Osteoporesis - post treatment

Posted by smtamt @smtamt, Sep 5, 2018

which is better option to treat osteoporosis Prolia 60 mg (denosumab) or Reclast like aclasta injection(zoledronic acid) for post menopausal women of 77 years old? She has already taken Bonmax Pth injection for 2 years.

My mom uses prolia, has for years. In July she fell and broke her hip and both thumbs. I use Reclast and am presently on a break from treatment as this remains in your system for 2-3 years. I’ve had a couple small accidents this summer where I thought surely I’d broken bones in my feet. But, I did not have a single broken bone.
Some osteoporosis treatments don’t help in regenerating any new bone. Check that out when deciding on a treatment.
Nobody knows what the best option is for you but you. I had tried different treatments before ending up with Reclast. Do you have any other medical issues that would interfere with your choice? When I was on Fosamax my cardiologist said it was a problem so I was taken off that. Ask your doctor lots of questions. A pharmacist is a good person to talk to about any drug interactions.

Which is better option Prolia 60mg (denosumab) or Reclast (zoledronic acid)) for treatment of osteoporosis for post menopausal woman of 77 years? My mother has taken Bonmax Pth (teriparatide) injection for 2 years.

Who is running this show


Who is running this show

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Which show? The choice of treatment for osteoporosis? Mayo Clinic Connect? I do not understand your question.

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