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Osteoarthritis of Basal Joint

Posted by @jennipip in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 9, 2012

The pain is so bad that I want to spend half my day crying. Meloxicam sends my heart into overdrive and makes me very anxious. Cortisone shots don't do any good anymore and hurt so bad I want to knock myself out before I get one... Surgery is my only option but unfortunately this condition is effecting both hands equally so it's going to make recovery next to impossible. Top that all off with the fact that I am an unemployed Veteran and I am only depending on my VA coverage - which I am extremely grateful for, like you wouldn't believe, but in whose surgeons I have very little confidence in. The last time I saw a surgeon for a consult, he spent 5 minutes with me said the treatment he suggested (which was totally different than what my Rheumatologist recommended) was my only option, because that was the only procedure he performed. I'm REALLY wanting to hear from people who've had the 3 or 4 various surgeries, what they thought, and how their recovery was. With my hands the way they are, I can't even get a job so I can get better insurance to open up my options and I am at my wits end!

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