Orange juice

Posted by deyo5656 @deyo5656, Jul 28, 2018

I didn’t know who else to ask so you can direct me who I should ask instead. My question is : which is healthier, Orange Juice from concentrate or Orange Juice not from concentrate?

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Hi @deyo5656 — most of the time I look for one with the least amount of added sugar. I did find a few sites that can give you more information to help you make a better informed choice. Your question is a good one.

Medical Daily – The Truth About Orange Juice: Concentrate, Not-From-Concentrate Juices Only 'Minimally' Better Than Soda

Modern Mom – Juice Vs. Concentrate

Dr. Oz – Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate vs. Carton Orange Juice Originally aired on 5/15/2017
Food journalist Mark Schatzker compares the price, nutrition, and flavor between frozen and carton orange juice. Then, find out the difference between regular orange juice and orange juice with 50% fewer calories.


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