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Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Posted by @kadt, Aug 14, 2012

At a crossroads with our 15 year old son who has ODD, ADHD and a mood disorder. He is highly social and currently in public school. The local therapeutic schools are not a good fit for him and am debating about a therapeutic boarding school or even a military school. He is becoming more and more apathetic and lazy, even though he has a lot of interests and talents. Any suggestions?



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Posted by @dm, Aug 18, 2012

Hi, have you heard/read about the Ron Davis program? I’ve learned a lot from him about how to understand the “learning difference” mind. It’s like you have the ability to think all things, but don’t have the skills to put them into action. So lazy and apathetic can turn into a side effect because it seems a bit hopeless. To be able to think up a whole new way of running the world, and not be able to put together your own personal goals just seems unfair.

It’s not the only program out there I’m sure, but it’s one that’s helped me understand that there’s a lot to the way a person with an LD perceives the world and the challenges they are having. It’s a course that offers some solutions for how to change things in the person’s favour.


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Posted by @jesrob, Aug 21, 2012

Have him checked for chronic lead toxicity.

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