opdivo treatment for renal cell, stage 4, spread to pelvis then lungs

Posted by jimchardy @jimchardy, Sep 10, 2018

I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in June, 2013 and had my left kidney removed in August. The cancer had spread to my left acetabulum. I underwent surgery to replace my left hip, but the surgeon discovered the acetabulum was too unstable, so he just removed the ball and fused the femur to my pelvis. Shortly thereafter, my oncologist began treatment for the cancer with Sutent. I have also undergone multiple surgeries on my right humerus due to lesions eating through the bone and the fractures caused by the cancer did not heal.
In early June, 2018, a c/t scan revealed lesions in my right and left lungs. My treatment was changed from Sutent to Opdivo, administered via infusion. On September 6, a new c/t scan showed moderate growth in the lesions in my left lung, but no growth in my right lung lesions. My oncologist recommends changing from Opdivo to Cabozantinib.
My dilema now is should I ask to be left on another course of Opdivo to see if it will work or change to Cabozantinib. Cozantinib is supposed to be similar to Sutent, but more potent. I have experienced some unbearable side efffects from Sutent.

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Hi @jimchardy, checking in to see what treatment decisions you made. Did you switch to Cabozantinib? How are you doing?

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