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Ongoing tongue, mouth and throat problems

Posted by @margot in Digestive Health, Jul 10, 2012

To long a story to tell but a nightmare. Seen many doctors, many tests done. Negative fir Sjorgens. Symptoms are chronic dry mouth, throat mad tongue. Can't get it through to anyone the "tissue" does not feel right. Now, have a feeling of mucus from behind left sinus down throat, constantly clearing my throat. Started having night sweats over 2 years ago and now have stomach issues. Feel generally unwell. Recently had another CT scan of sinuses and nothing shows up. Gallons of blood work done. Teeth now loose. gI doc had me to a nuclear dumping test today. Bad day as I could not drink anything after midnight and mouth and throat worse. I think I am stuck between specialists. eNT doc's don't seem to have an answer.


Posted by @jenn1974, Jul 16, 2012

So sorry to hear. I have very similar symptoms,but I believe it's bc of my meds. I hope u get relief soon. I wish there was something we could do. L


Posted by @cbs61752, Sep 16, 2012

I understand how you feel completely. I also have dry mouth and think it is due to medicines I take for sinusitis. Is your voice sometimes hoarse as well? Do you think you have a side effect from any mess? I hope that you are making the progress with this quest.

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