Ongoing Nausea has Returned and Doesn't Go Away. Ideas?

Posted by mikejjb123 @mikejjb123, Nov 19 11:17am

Well I was having nausea for 4 years on and off daily. Went on vacation and felt great. Ate and drank everything on a cruise for nearly 3 weeks. Came home and nausea returned after 1 week. Eating bland now but no help still nausea. Any ideas besides going on vacation again?? LOL Thanks.

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HI !
Someone else posted about how their heartburn went away on vacation, and they got a lot of responses. Maybe you could read the responses there? Might be helpful?

This was my idea to that other person. Maybe it's not "what" you eat, but "how" you eat?
I used to eat fast and poorly at my desk very often. It gave me digestive problems (heartburn, gas, nausea, etc.).
Just an idea. Hope it helps.

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