Severe shoulder pain after 4 wheeler accident. Normal?

Posted by NikkiEspinosa @NikkiEspinosa, Dec 17, 2015

On november 24th i was in a 4 wheeler accident. I have 5 broken ribs under my armpit. I landed on my right shoulder too. X rays were taken to confirm broken ribs. Hospital said shoulder was Fine just going to be sore for a while during healing process. Ok 23 days later pain in shoulder has me in tears. Not able to extend arm out in front of me, to the side, or above my head. Cannot lay on my back, feels like i am laying on something wrong and it is hard to breathe. Under my right breast ribs are very painful to the touch. Sleeping has been a nightmare. My stepson is 17 months old. Chasing after him has been a big challenge. Over the counter pain killers give no relief. Hot showers feel good for the moment. Ben gay was a bad idea. Numbness in my right hand has started this past week. I do not like hospitals but i do not know what else to do. I wake Up crying in pain rocking back and forth trying to get the pain to ease Up. Using Ice just made me Cold. Heating pad made me Hot in the areas i used it. Can anybody tell me something today. My husband is dropping me off at the hospital when he comes home today. I just need some advice, facts or If you can explain why i feel sooo much pain. Ty Nicole

Hi @NikkiEspinosa,
Welcome to Connect. I’m so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. The stress and frustration is easy to “hear” in your message and not getting any sleep must just make things worse.

Here’s some general info on shoulder pain but it isn’t specific to your situation.

It is impossible for anyone on this forum to tell you exactly what is going on. That’s why it’s good that you are able to go to the hospital today to see a professional. In the meantime, I can offer a few thoughts about preparing for your meeting with a doctor. It’s really important that you describe your pain as clearly and accurately as possible. Detail what makes it worse, what makes it feel a bit better, etc. By the end of the appointment you have a clear understanding to the following questions: How long is the healing process?What can I expect? And what are the next steps?

No one likes hospitals, but in times like this it’s good to have somewhere to go for help. Do let us know what you learn from your visit.

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