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On Line Community, Friends, Viewers, or Family! If you can't handle, accept,

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 22, 2012

On Line Community, Friends, Viewers, or Family! If you can’t handle, accept, deal with, embrace the Truth, Facts, Transparency, and or Face Reality! I’m not the person you may want, feel comfortable with being a part of, and you more certainly may not want to be my friend! Ok Cool! Life definitely Has To Go, Move On! I most caution/warn you this! It would come a day, time; you will wish that you knew, or had gotten to know uptopart, The God of Abraham, Isaac, Israel, and the most definitely you will wish you knew; the God, Husbandman behind, with, for, of Uptotpart, or Cynthia J.! There You Have It Folks! Take It, or Leave It! Believe, Receive or Doubt, and Do Without! The Choice is Yours To Make, Decide, Respect, Analyze, and or Accept! I God Am Very Well Please, Satisfy, Enthuse, Overwhelm, Happy With Uptopart! In addition, I God Find No Fault, Nor Do/Did I See, Find Where Uptopart Wronged, Hated, Misused, Lied, Committed Any Crimes, Harmed, Mistreated; Any Damn Body In The USA esp. Texas! Say That There, Then, and Thank Ya!


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