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On Facebook Live: Urologist Erik Castle, M.D., Talks Prostate Cancer

Posted by @toffenbacher, Sep 23, 2016

Urologist Erik Castle, M.D., Talks Prostate Cancer


Join us Wednesday, September 28 at 10 am CT on Facebook Live with Dr. Erik Castle for a live discussion on prostate cancer. 

Learn more about:

Dr. Castle will answer questions live during the event. Click REPLY below to post a question before and during the event.



Nate Gilbraith

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Joined: Aug 29, 2016
Posted by @nategilbraith, Sep 26, 2016

@warrens, @johnwburns, @dglass4040, @morris, @donnelson, @oldkarl, @flor, @BuckyFestoon and @giddyup1 – thought this may be of interest to you all, if you have the availability.


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Posted by @warrens, Sep 26, 2016

Thank you, Nate. All one can do is the best they can. Each person has their own unique biochemistry; however, there may be some similarities with other close family members. Yes, there are trials and studies ad infinitum. There are new meds discovered daily, but the candid facts are that the FDA process takes too long and the cost of purchase of meds astronomical to bring life-saving meds to patients. I would like to see more money pumped into the system to save more lives and a closer look by the FDA at the costs of bringing them to market.


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Posted by @warrens, Sep 26, 2016

Thanks, but I suspended myself from Facebook, because I couldn’t keep up with that and my daily administrative issues and health issues. Additionally, my wife passed from brain cancer two years ago, and I’m still snorkeling through paperwork related to her death.

Colleen Young, Connect Director

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Sep 26, 2016

Hi @warrens, You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch this video. It will be presented right here on this page. I’d also like to introduce you to @IndianaScott who also recently lost his wife to brain cancer. Please join us in the caregivers group

Scott, Volunteer Mentor

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Posted by @IndianaScott, Sep 27, 2016

Hello @warrens Nice to make your e-acquaintance here. I was sad to read of the loss of your wife from brain cancer. I lost my wife to the same this past July. She fought for 14 years and it is tough to comprehend at times that it is over.

I send you strength, courage, and peace!

Posted by @toffenbacher, Sep 26, 2016

Hi @nategilbraith, the Facebook Live will stream directly from the Mayo Clinic Facebook page:

You do not need a Facebook account to be able to watch the broadcast. You will also be able to watch it right here on this page on Connect. Thanks!

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