ON activates my anxiety. Which makes ON worser

Posted by lakesofdelray @lakesofdelray, Dec 27, 2022

How does anyone handle this?

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Hello, @lakesofdelray – Breathing, meditation, mindfulness.
Have you attempted any of these tools for calming?


Hi @lakesofdelray
I also have anxiety and ON. Anxiety is tough especially when you are going through another awful situation. For me, I try to sit down and rest for a few minutes or longer.
Of course, the anxiety returns any old time, especially during the night when everyone else is sleeping. There’s no one to talk to so raiding the candy jar sounds reasonable!
Pain is famous for causing anxiety.
My ON started about 6 months after buying a new bed pillow. The pillow was too high so my neck was put in a bad position. I bought a new pillow 3 weeks ago and it is much better…

Take care,

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