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Old, really old burn remedies. I mean really old, say, 300 AD.

Posted by @davestover, Nov 20, 2012

I am lucky, I have no maladies at present. I am writing about ancient Christian societies (fiction) and wondered if anyone would have knowledge of what treatments for severe burns would have been practiced back then, 300 AD. A character in my novel has oil (I have not determined what type yet — would guess olive oil) poured over his body and an errant flame strikes the oil and burns my character severally.
Would any one have any idea what treatment would have been prescribed in this case way back in ancient Christian times. I want my character to survive, of course he would be disfigured and physically impaired but I expect him to live and look forward to the day when he can take revenge on the one who put him in this condition.
I hope my inquiry will not offend anyone who views this post. If it does, I will refrain from any further inquiry, but I am trying to learn about the basics of wound healing from this terrible circumstance and have absolutely no knowledge of treatments in this area.


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