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Okay, she needs to ask, or maybe she's been told, whether they

Posted by @fatigued in Just Want to Talk, Dec 15, 2011

Okay, she needs to ask, or maybe she's been told, whether they are operable without significant risk...of course any surgery has risks, especially brain. Doctors are supposed to be patient advocates and are our employees. We are the boss! If she is convinced that they are the cause of her problem, she needs to tell them, not ask, that they need to be removed. If there is an overwhelminmg chance of brain damage, then she needs to assess the risk vs benefits. I do know that, for the most part, menegeomas and slow growing and most are only found after death by coincidence during a postmortom exam. In other words, they usually don't cause death or for the most part, pain. Mine was causing enough problems with other senses and, because of it's location, they operated immediately. In fact I was sent from radiology to the ER. But no one was positive that I wouldn't wake up drooling and chewing on my sleeve so she needs to be absolutely positive that she wants to go that route.
I don't know what Botex is...could you mean Botox? and if so, that's not a headache med, and if she is getting Botox injections, they could be excerbating the pain. She should ask for something in the nature of Imitrex or one of the migraine meds. I also know they occasionally use one of the Beta Blockers such and Propanalol or Metropolol, but don't know in what instances. I was actually getting narcotic injections before mine was found which was also concidentally and accidentally and was also 2 years post initial symptoms. After mine was found, I fired my GP with great prejudice.
Now, with that said, menegiomas don't necessarily equal pain. It is entirely possible that even though they found them because they were grasping at straws, that doesn't mean that they are causing the pain. There could be some sort of metabolic or endocinological problem causing it, but one would think after conferring with enough physicians, someone should vave a vague idea of causation.
One of the problems with today's medicine is that doctors are overworked. I'm not defending them but after sitting in the waiting room for an hour and then in the exan room for another half hour, the doc comes in and has his 7 1/2 minute face time with you, all of which time he is thinking about his/her next patient. Of course, you should feel happy that he/she was thinking about you for the previous 7 1/2 minutes. I'm not saying she should go doctor shopping but, possibly should continue to seek further opinions or give up and go with the treatment plans that have been provided.
I would suggest, for now, to check some of the other sites such as Stanford or Yale, John Hopkins, etc. She should get a copy of her pictures and office notes. Possibly one of the research schools will allow you to ask questions and give you they're input. My son is 3rd med student at CSU but I don't think he would of much help...although CSU might be another resource to look at. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. I'm just contributing my experiences. @dbranch

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