Drug not controlling seizures and weight ballooning. Help

Posted by XhaustedBsue @XhaustedBsue, Nov 27, 2015

Ok so before I was finally diagnosed with frontal lobe grand mal nocturnal seizures in 2010, when I was born I was very sick w sepsis ( alcoholic mom) , and epilepsy is also on my mothers side. I had a grand mal over a month ago but I have the staring and tuning out and my dreams are so surreal. It was like this before I was diagnosed. So I went to the Cleveland Clinic.. They put me on a expire mental drug called Vimpat at that time. I eventually was prescribed it mind you I was 7 months preg and had to register w some thing. Anyways I have been on Vimpat since up to 600 mg a day started at 250 my weight has ballooned I’m always tired. It does not take all my epilepsy symptoms away but I deal. I want to find a new neurologist all I get to see is Dr.foldvarys PA AND I’m just basically told to keep upping the dose? I’m new to this any medical professionals with opinions and or advice??? Sincerely Brit

Hi @XhaustedBsue,
Welcome to Connect, a place to connect with other people dealing with similar health issues. We can’t give medical advice, we can share our experiences. I moved your message to the Epilepsy Group where you can connect with others like @TabMar and @kevinkelley. See:


You may also be interested in the recorded webinar on Adult Epilepsy and New Therapies with Mayo Clinic neurologists Jeffrey Britton, MD, Gregory Cascino, MD, Jerry Shih, MD, and Joseph Sirven, MD https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/webinar-adult-epilepsy-common-clinical-issues-and-new-therapies/

It must be challenging to always be tired, especially having a young child to take care of. Have you tried other therapies besides Vimpat?

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