OK I wrote a book in my last post and now the [...]

Posted by mswanda @mswanda, Mar 8, 2016

OK I wrote a book in my last post and now the question.
I also have a genetic bleeding disorder” unconditional platlett dysfunction” along with my army fighting ” immune system” determined to destroy my body.
I am in need of Dental work and with the bleeding and the immune problems I don’t know where to start. All I can tell so for is left doesn’t know what right is doing. I can’t find a team that looks at medical care as an entity. Dentist doest know how to deal with the bleeding and immune problems, primary doesn’t know who does what or I hear Insurance Rules.
I need a team and I need dental care taken care of by the doctors on board that I need. My wisdom teeth were removed at university of Alabama, in the hospital. A 10 day stay with blood transfusions and blood work daily and predisone . I don’t see that happening here or I don’t know who can help.
You are going to get so tired of me!! Thank you
Tired Nana

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