OK, I am sorry if this is a little strange, but we [...]

Posted by ConcernedINLaw @concernedinlaw, Mar 9, 2015


I am sorry if this is a little strange, but we are at our wits end here. My mother-in-law has issues with severe pain in her back. As in almost debilitating pain where she cannot do anything but lay down and rest for the day.

• She is 58
• Not overweight
• This has been going on for years

She has gone to several doctors before, done tests, but we are not in an urban metropolis so we are not 100 percent sure if the treatment has been as it should be. These are the current facts:

• She gets this maybe twice a year
• They last about 3 to 4 days
• Certain movements worsen the pain or start the pain (but she cannot be certain what does)
• Pain is on the right side of her spinal column
• She said the pain feels like labor…coming back continuously almost every 10 seconds
• She suggests that the pain is like a twisting pain
• She said its sharp pain, not a dull sensation – like she is being stabbed

Does anyone have any suggestions? I gave her some muscle relaxants, hoping that it might help. But we are not sure about that yet. Any suggestions would be great, greatly appreciated. If this is the wrong forum to ask this specific question, please guide me to a better place to do so.

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