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ODD--Somebody please help!

Posted by @mamakromschroeder in About Kids & Teens, Oct 7, 2012

My almost 10 yr old son was diagnosed with ODD about 3 years ago (maybe even 4). We took him to the dr thinking he had ADHD and through the testing instead found he has all 8 characteristics of ODD (zero for ADHD). His behaviors have been getting worse over the years and have really seemed to be escalating in the last few months. On a good note, he usually controls his behavior at school, but that just means it's that much worse at home, especially towards me. I'm very worried because he has started to become physically violent towards me, especially when I am sending him to his room for disciplinary reasons. I work really hard at doing all the "right parenting things"--keeping my emotions in check, giving him choices, not entering a power struggle, following through, etc but it doesn't seem to matter. Last weekend, he hit me so hard with his shoe that I still have the bruise and this weekend he succeeded in pushing me down the stairs. I'm really scared as he's still little--what am I going to do when he's 15 or 16? Please, I'm begging anybody who can help to give me some advice. I'm so exhausted from him and I just want my old pre-ODD son back!

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Posted by @annheaney, Oct 10, 2012

I pray right now that you will find the appropriate agency that handles domestic violence. I would tell your primary care doctor exactly what you told me. He/she would know how to handle this.

Posted by Anonymous-781a7b63, Nov 18, 2012

I am so sorry for your situation. I have a 35 year old still affected by this. When he was little none of the couselors ever labled this disorder. I did not cope as well as you are because I had no idea. The things you are doing eventually came to me and seemed to be the best way. Had I found the right help perhaps he would not be the abusive man he is now.He struggles constantly, as do those who care for him.

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