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ODD project for nursing school, I need your help!

Posted by @betsyg in About Kids & Teens, Mar 23, 2012

I am educating future RN's about ODD. One of the requirements of my project is to include the impact the disorder has on the family. I figured, why not go right to the source and ask the families affected by ODD. So I'm asking for some short answer tidbits about how ODD affects your family specifically! These responses will be shared but I will NOT include any info about you specifically!
Thank you for helping us gain a more in depth understanding of the difficulties families face while dealing with ODD.


Posted by @agreenwe, Mar 24, 2012

I may be willing to help - is this just a short answer survey that you can send me a link to?


Posted by @betsyg, Mar 26, 2012

Hello! thanks for your reply. This is actually not a survey, just a short answer little blurb about how ODD has impacted your family. Share as much as you want, I just want to provide actual stories of how lives are affected.

thanks again!

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