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Obsessive compulsive disorder...

Posted by @angelinaprinzivalli, Aug 27, 2011

Hi my name is Angelina I am 18 and I suffer from moderate to severe OCD (mostly compulsions) and I was just looking to find others trying to deal with similar situations in a holistic or herbal way.



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Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 12, 2012

My hope is to find more sufferers who share various helps with OCD. I need information and direction. Other family members suffer from the behavior presented as do as does the OCDer.
While at the beginning of my journey of research I thought only of therapy and meds. Your wish to find others with similar situations, Angelina, to treat in a holistic or herbal way and perhaps in coordination with other treatment forms (?) The family member, whom I love very much, doesn’t seem to have a full awareness of her problem and hurts and the hurts and problems it causes others. My thought was, in time, she may be more receptive to holistic and herbal solutions or helps if there were the component of natural ways of treatment: If these were accepted when ‘diagnosis’ were accepted, perhaps therapy or medication may be accepted if necessary. If it is discovered that more in the way of treatment is needed, perhaps the next step can be taken. So, like Angelina who is searching for a specific here, I am too.
Please educate me how one might best begin the necessary conversations with the OCDer without damaging relationships that are held dear and desirable. Thank you for your replies.
PS: What are the #13, #13 etc. that I see on my reply that I did not personally type.
Thanks again 🙂

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