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obsessive compulsion disorder

Posted by @dquintana in Mental Health, Mar 1, 2012

question, Is this a learned behavior or internal disease?

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Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 12, 2012

In the course of reading, articles state that it is a brain disorder which leads to behavior disorders.

Posted by Anonymous-8613a205, Mar 26, 2012

My best friend lives with Ocd. She has a hard time because we are always late for all planning but as a friend I have to understanding that managing compulsions will take time. I cherish her but getting to a movie on time oh boy would be pleasant.


Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 26, 2012

It's a joy to read the replies I have received though I am sorry to know there are numbers of people suffering from OCD and in many different ways, meaning the ways it seems to manifest itself. So, 'Anonymous', I thank you very much for making the statement that "understanding that managing compulsions will take time." It iis hard to watch a loved one suffer this and hard to maintain patience with one another. I will somehow FIND A WAY to pull off the difficult tasks of loving someone with OCD especially when there is no recognition on their part to date. I despise using the word "fear" but it is a "healthy fear" in that I do NOT wish to drive them away from what should be or could be a wonderful mother-in-law ~ daughter-in- law relationship. I want very much to have a good, strong and healthy relationship!
PS: I'll be checking back or looking for future emails from Mayo Clinic.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 15, 2012

Good afternoon
OCD is an anxiety disorder that has been around for decades. Some think genetics or chemical imbalances are the cause for the disease. Its important to see a doctor and follow through with your plan of treatment. If not, or in some cases, despite treatment people find it difficult to control impulses.
However, treatment over the years have improved so I would recommend professional assistance.
be well and work hard to lesson the stressors.


Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 26, 2012

Roxy, greetings. Thank you for your response. Yes, I have heard about and read about genetics and chemical imbalances, ect. I hope to encourage my loved one to check OCD out and then hopefully a doctor visit will occur. I am not even at first base in even speaking to this person and have been instructed not to by her spouse. So, I will have to listen carefully to any "guidance from above' and proceed with caution. It is of great importance that I do not, by my actions or statements, move this person away from a healthy relationship with me 🙂

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Posted by @lovakitty, Mar 28, 2012

Wow! I am a bit puzzled about so many upbeat, cheerful comments. My husband of many years has OCD and it has definitely effected our relationship. He is in denial about his mental illness and acknowledges that depression is the only diagnosis that applies to him. I have found it necessary to take control of our finances and even the car so that we do not wind up with no money. He has been treated for 9 years and has only gotten worse. His counselors do not offer group therapy, perhaps because of his very strong denial that anything is wrong. Since he does not seem to benefit from the help he has received, I am seeking support for myself in dealing with this situation.


Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 27, 2012

Momentum: Thanks for your rather scientific explaination regarding OCD. I appreciate science and this is helpful to me to read your paragraphs.

"Cognitive theory suggests that obsessions represent catastrophic misinterpretations of a person's thoughts, images, and impulses. [16] [17] [18] Several faulty cognitions in OCD have been described that are related to the overestimation of threat, intolerance of uncertainty, importance of thoughts, control of thoughts, and perfectionism."

The above struck me like a 'thunderbolt' if you will and increased my understanding in just another way as has the many other 'posts' I have received. It is quite a good window into 'seeing the particular situation' I have been exposed to and must now find the best way, in love, to establish well and happy future situations.

Just a thought: Perhaps for support sake, I could tuck a printout of all of you out there who have been contributors in helping me see OCD correctly into my pocket when I travel. This way I can/may have instant support by reading your words any time I feel the need for a boost that would be a driving force so that my family, each of us, could win!

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