Obscure breast mass?

Posted by danielle0313 @danielle0313, Aug 16, 2022

I wanted to ask if an obscured breast mass is any concern from anyone’s experience (not medical advice, of course!). I am going for a core biopsy today for 2 masses but one of them is obscured. Thank you in advance!

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It is my understanding that this refers to a mass that is a little difficult to make out on image, usually due to dense breasts. It is “obscured”. I am really glad you are going for core biopsy. Do they plan to try and biopsy them both? How are doing with this?


Hi Chris,
Thank you for responding. I was actually incorrect. It’s the same mass but the way it was worded made it confusing. I thought it was strange that the radiologist didn’t tell me about the second one I thought I had but chalked it up to her possibly seeing something when she wrote the results (maybe she saw it looking at it a second time). It was BIRADS 3 in March and now 4A- not sure why it was changed- possibly because it was a different radiologist the first time it was found and she had a different assessment. Glad I got the biopsy- now I won’t worry about it unnecessarily if the results are benign. Good news is that it was mobile during the biopsy! (Now if only I can figure out these darn *severe* night sweats!!)


Please come back and let me know how your biopsy comes out. One tumor is way better than two in so many ways. Mobile during biopsy is a good sign. If you figure out the night sweats please tell me your secret. I fell asleep with an ice pack against my stomach last night. 😂😂.


Will do! Results should be in tomorrow, Friday latest. Thank you for your support.
Ice pack….good for you! I never thought of that one🤦🏼‍♀️


stromal hyperplasia!!! Thank God! Glad I went for a biopsy despite the fact they thought it could be a fibroadenoma. Now we are just monitoring it!
Thank you Chris for your support❤️

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