NYU Bronchiectasis & NTM Pt Conference recording now available

Posted by becleartoday @becleartoday, Jan 14 8:55am

The 2022 bronchiectasis & NTM Lung Disease patient education conference recording from NYU Langone Health is now available!!!!

I was fortunate to be there in person and hear Drs. Addrizzo Harris, Basavaraj, Kamelhar and their multidisciplinary team talk. And answer lots of questions!

Have a listen. Sometimes if I’m pressed for time, I listen to the recording while on a walk, cooking or exercising. Then when I free up, I go back to it and look through the slide decks.

I'm so happy to see more bronchiectasis & NTM centers popping up throughout the United States. We shouldn’t have to travel halfway across the country to get good care.

In the meantime, let’s educate ourselves so we can advocate for best practices.

BE well,
Linda Esposito
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