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Posted by kdallerton @kdallerton, Sep 15 12:04pm

Hello! I am hard of hearing and I am trying to help one of my friends who lives in NY who is hard of hearing as well. My friend lost their hearing right when COVID started so it has been very difficult for them. They are struggling with trying to find providers, specifically dental providers, but also general providers, that are willing to accommodate individuals who are hard of hearing. They do not use ASL as a means of communication and it seems like most provider offices are not willing to find out about CART, Doximity or something similar. The closest option he has found is one dental office will use written communication with him. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find good providers in the NY, Queens area? Thank you so much for your time!!

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I suggest that your friends contact the HLAA Chapter in NYC. There is a very active chapter there. While HLAA does not recommend or endorse providers, members often share their experiences with providers and also with technology. HLAA is consumer based. No selling products, etc.

http://www.hearingloss.org/chapters should take you to the appropriate contact information.


@kdallerton I agree with Julie about reaching out to an HLAA chapter in the area where your friend lives. I doubt there is a list of dental providers that are hearing loss friendly, but if we self advocate, we will find most will do their best to accommodate our hearing loss. Ironically, I had a dentist appointment today. The hygienist that I've been seeing for years is no longer there. I prepared for this day by making sure I had her contact info on Facebook. I may switch to the practice where she is at currently, but there will always be the risk that she will move again. One thing I do not like about my current hygienist is that English is not her first language. Masks make it even more difficult, not only for me to understand, but for my speech to text app to get it right. My previous hygienist dropped her mask when I asked her to repeat something. It's a constant battle.
Tony in Michigan

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