"Nutrient IV Therapy" Do they really work?

Posted by Jackie, Volunteer Mentor @travelgirl, Thu, Jan 24 3:58pm

I get emails from a local DR's offices promoting Nutrient IV Therapies. Do these inject-able vitamins work, and are they SAFE?
Here is what they are offering and how they say it is administered.

Has anyone out there tried this therapy before? I am very curious to find out if they work, and if so were the changes noticeable? What does injecting Hydrogen peroxide do? They claim they put this right in your blood stream. That just seems scary to me.

Nutrient IV Therapy delivers high dose vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the blood stream, bypassing the gut for total absorption and maximum benefit.

We have several IV Therapies to chose from including;

Myer's Cocktail
Supercharged Myer's Cocktail
Glutathione – Antioxidant
High Dose Vitamin C
Weight Loss
Athletic Performance and Recovery
Migraine Relief
Pain Relief
Hangover Relief
Stress & Anxiety
Hydrogen Peroxide
Alpha Lipoic Acid
and more!


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