Nuchal Tendon Occification/Calcification

Posted by Wendallzmom @wendallzmom, Aug 23, 2017

I have a horizontal hard mass at C5 & C6 It can be be pushed back and forth so it can hide in between C5 & C6 Back to front movement is over its width so at least 1″. Att other times you can feel in just by brushing hand over skin at C5/C6, It protrudes right to the surface of my skin or pushes straight back to align with my spine. It goes into alignment so good it does NOT show up on MRI CAT or Xray. It is slowly growing from half inch to 2″ in 3 years.

You can manually feel the front and both side. Many ppl have verified shape and size a friend measured it for me. It is a rectangle that is totally horizontal measuring 2″L x 1″D X 1/4″ H

It can not to be felt when laying on back for stomach, it goes back into alignment with cervical spine. It can only be felt when I am standing. I have been told the mass is calcification of my nuchal tendon, knowing that tendon is vertical it doesn’t make sense to me that that it would be that the shape I feel moves around and lays horizontally.

My next step is the Mayo, I want to tell my primary what i found out. So she can refer me.

I am new, first timer, so hope i did this right

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Wow, I can definitely see it in your photographs! I can see where that would be very uncomfortable if it’s putting pressure in that area. I think if it is that uncommon (retired nurse and not aware of it) Mayo might be a good place to go if you have access to them.


I was just diagnosed with the same calcified mass on nuchal ligament and 3 doctors so far have told me it's an incidental finding and nothing to worry about. It grew 4x the size in a 4 month period but has appeared to stop growing…for now at least. My only symptom that I can attribute to that is my neck seems weaker than usual but I am guessing if the nuchal ligament holds your head up that would make sense. Truly I think it's so uncommon that most Dr's have no clue what to do. I have read in med journals thar it could be the start of spondylosis or spondylitis.


Please update me on what you've found out about you nuchal calcification if you can!! I was just diagnosed with the same thing


I am wondering if I might have the same thing going on as others here. When I look up, there is a hard mass that pops out of the back of my neck around the C4 level. It feels like a bone on a rubber band. You can push the mass in and out. The mass can only be felt when I put my neck back (look up) and not when my spine is in a neutral position. It seems like whatever it is hides in the cervical spine when my neck is not back (looking up). My doc did an ultrasound and there was a dark mass there; however, the xray and MRI came back with normal results. It is quite obvious to anyone who feels my neck that there is something not normal going on when my neck is back. My doctor does not know what it is and says that since there were no findings on the xray and MRI, there isn't a lot more that can be done. Does anyone have a diagnosis and if so, is what I am describing the same as you? I'm so frustrated and really want answers. Thank you!


So I just had an X-ray done today and in mychart it says "Calcifications in the nuchal ligament". So I'm assuming it's the same thing you all are experiencing. Except my pain seems different than you all are saying. It started in my neck but has radiated to my shoulder and arm and even causes some numbness in my index finger and thumb. My arm feels like it is constantly getting hit in the "funny bone" which is obviously not a bone but the Ulnar nerve. I was off work for 3 weeks because it hurt, and then decided I needed to get back to work because of money, but my pain is still there. I have been to 10 PT appointments already since oct, but the only thing that helps my pain is the cervical traction that I do there. I'm hoping my Dr will fix me up, I'm a 47 year old male so I have years to live yet, I hope, LOL.


There is not a lot of info on this topic so I'm unsure what to really expect as far as treatments go. The Dr is putting me on gabapentin, cyclobenzaprine, and naproxen.

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