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Nothing makes me feel better except the internet

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1 in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 19, 2011

Is there something wrong with me if all i really want to do is to get my next skype interview with male movie stars? I am someone that stays home and is fortunate enough to have a job wiritng for a magazine that focuses on the entertainment with sexy men and women. I don't liek to interview the women much but I love interviwing the men. when I tell my husband he doesn't get so excited anymore. he usted to think it was great in the beginning, me being in entertainment industry and all but after i got sick it wasn't so great. Do you think it bothers my husband if I get excited about t he muscle men and sexy guys i write about? i figured he wouldn't care since he doesn't seem so interested in me anymore. oh, and i wsn't able to get pregnant and have kids with him, so that made me sad but htis makes me feel better since my husband didn't want kids anyway. he doesn't even like my niece!

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Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 21, 2011

It probably bothers your husband alot that you get excited about other men. Is this yoru job you're talking about? If so, maybe you should find a different job because husbands don't feel loved if their wives don't respect and admire them. It doesn't seem like you admire him very much if you're excited about other men on the internet. Does he not give you attention when he is at home?

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 25, 2011

Yes, he is attentive when he is at home but he spends alot of time at work and with other activities away from home. He doesn't seem too interested in me anymore, he doesn't really look at me very much and seems to be more interested in watching tv or movies with beautiful women actresses.


Posted by @chinooka, Jan 26, 2012

if you are obsessively seking sexual stimulation on the internet, yes, something is wrong.


Posted by @hulsky04, Jan 8, 2012

Let me put it this way - suppose the situation were reversed and your husband was interviewing sexing women and getting exciting about them, but finding you less interesting. Would it bother you? I would think so. You might want to consider some other type of interviewing.

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