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Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Jun 1 10:40am

Hello “ connect” members. I wasn't sure if I should start a new discussion or try to continue with previous submissions by me.

Since conditions continue to get worse I decided to start a new discussion.

I recall one interesting commonality that seems to arise in almost every forum subject I've read when I could see what I'm reading. That ability is virtually gone now. I wonder if devising methods and ways to peck out letter is a form of exercise helping to maintain a degree of “ seeing” or am I making things worse by over dressing my eyes.

In any event I want to finish the thought about that commonality that I've noticed in most threads and I'm wondering if this “ comminality” is not in fact the reason that “ connect” exists?

It's seems that no matter what the condition that one is writing about the bottom line is that a person seeks help from a doctor; often a specialist and they either find themselves in a worse situation than they started with and the come here to find others with similar situations and or experiences in hopes of finding/hearing that there us a solution.

I’ll own that for myself and I certainly do not want to upset anyone who may disagree with my though/opinion/observation. This is what I'm looking for and have indeed found to be very helpful.

Perhaps the only downside for me is my antisioation that something I read all too often leads to “ hope” and as often is the case for me; the other side of “ hope” is disappointment.

I thought that whenever it was that I was writing about that “ floaters and humor problem “ that helped “ Susan”? I thought that I could discuss it with my doctors and soon id get my vision back.

I'm not even sure if the doctors considered that condition as what was causing my vision impairment because I also started noticing that none of the various doctors I was seeing directly addressed that condition by name.

I all too often feel like the replies from doctors seem a lot like a deer that politicians give. That speak words but after all is said and done it seems that they haven't discussed any part of my question, observation, thoughts or God help me “ theiries “

On March 11th I went to Duke Eye Clinic. It took forever to get an appointment. I was there for 4.5 hours. Lots of testing. One test took 3 weeks exactly to get results back from MAYO.” paraneoplastic “ test. Was told good news bad news that suggested it was a false negative but not really explained except to say another exotic test that took 10 days for results with “ good news bad news “ which seems to me to mean they're really reaching speculating that my vision impairment has something to do with prostate cancer.

I'm not a doctor and I'm reminded of that however I'm presenting some simple logic based on KNOWING THE EXACT DAY my vision went blurry for a week and when it “ returned” the right eye didn't catch up with the left. The other problem is I think it has to do with 10 to 13 “Dialations” from May to August with each one taking longer to recover somewhat normal vision. But it seems that my theory is not liked.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Since you mentioned prostate cancer, I’m sure our situations are different! Except I wasn’t convinced of my diagnosis until I saw a Mayo neurologist opthamologist. So my eye condition and ability to see fluctuates constantly too. I understand.


Thanks for respinding MGM

I'm not sure if there's more here to read? I see a few days somewhere near the end of your post but my ability to hit those dots with my finger has been greatly affected so I'm not sure if I'm missing the mark or perhaps there's nothing more to read?

Everyday my limitation expand and my ability to remain calm demolished and becomes less and less.

I can't free my mind from thinking I'm going to die from stress.

Not sure what else to say.

Blind Melon


First, I have not had your symptoms with vision, but my husband, who is diabetic, has had periods of wildly fluctuating vision, often associated with poorly controlled (either high or low) blood sugar.
There is also the syndrome that you referred to called Paraneoplastic syndrome. Apparently it CAN occur as a response to cancer elsewhere in your body, with the hormones released by a tumor sending parts of the nervous system into overdrive. Fluctuation in those chemicals may account for the fluctuations in your vision.
Please do not give up, the best doctor to deal with this may be the oncologist or urologist who is treating your prostate cancer, and can make an appropriate, detailed referral or treat you.

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