Not 100% it's neuropathy

Posted by peggyn @peggyn, Oct 9, 2019

I have burning, aching feet all of the time. Sometimes I have the burning in different parts of the body. I have had a lot of tests done and it seem I have a pinched nerve. pinched nerve. My neurologist said I do not have PN, but thinks I may have sfn. I have seen a neurosurgeon, this was a planned apt. that I wanted to keep because my left leg is atrophy and my back is out all of the time. He said he thins he can help me with surgery. It will be major, with fusions and cleaning out where the nerves. The main reason I would want this is because it could be the cause of my neuropathy. Has anyone had surgery like this that helped the neuropathy. I've read so many times if you knew what could possibly be causing the burning pain you could maybe fix it. Opinions please.

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Get a second opinion. I live with nerve pain in legs and feet. I am using CBD cream. It helps. I quit Gabapentin totally

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