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Hello, Since Oct 10, 2016 and after being released from hospital, Dr. told me another ablation would likely not address my AFIB and put my on Norpace. I take 2 150 mg in morning and 2 150 at night. My heart beat is regular and my BP is good. However I have ever present bloating, gas and big time constipation. I also seemed to have less energy but that may be due to my heart condition. Anyone taking Norpace and are you having similar issues. Is there another drug I could take.

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If you are not feeling better 6 months after surgery something is not right. Where did you have your surgery?

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I agree with @cynaburst. I would call Mayo in Minnesota and see if one of the cardiac team members can review your records.
The number there is (507) 284-2511. Any of the staff will give you the information where your records can be mailed or faxed for another opinion. I do hope you get answers. Please keep us updated xx


Hi @pfazenbaker,

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I’m also tagging @evelyn247 @oldkarl @lynnkay1956 @HeartPatches to see if they have any insights to share.
@pfazenbaker, have you thought about getting a second opinion?

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