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ellen nolan

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none Alzheimer dementia

Posted by @ellennolan, Jul 16, 2011

I am 69 and caregiver for 76 old husband who has dementia possible FTL or a mixture of other types. He does not have Alzheimers. He ahs had it for one year as far as I know. Probably more years looking back. Just took a mahor decline in FEb. and I have been home with him since. Only leaving when I can hire a house sitter. He is stubborn on some issues and cooperates on others.

He was a new medicine called Exelon Patch. He became worse about 3 wks ago and I had him put in the hospital for care. They took the patch away and now he takes Zypeca for agitation and hallucinations. He seems better as o now.

Most support groups are Alzheimer people and this is not quite the same. Might be in the more advanced stages . I don’t know. Happy to hear from any one.
Ellen in Eugene


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