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non functional colon

Posted by @jimpannyc in Digestive Health, Mar 22, 2012

Recently my friend was told by Dr. that her colon is non functional. Her options are a colostimy bag or use extremely strong laxatives every day until she can no longer do so and then a bag. She is 46. Are there any alternatives? Are there ways to get the colon to function? I read about a gastric pace maker but it didnt necessarily seem to say that it improved the functioning of the colon.


Posted by @leonosrednyk, Apr 14, 2012

Please tell your friend to consult her physician and ask about diagnosing or ruling out Hirshprung's Disease. Hirshprung's usually shows up in the early developmental period but case studies exist where it was diagnosed in adulthood. In addition, Hirshprung's has a rather low incidence but some clinicians believe it is under diagnosed. Hope this helps. Leo

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