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Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) for Dr. J. A. Levine and NEAT experts

Posted by @elliorj, Jul 15, 2012

I am working on research in NEAT and have a question about the various articles on the subject – especially those authored by Dr. Levine. One article (NEAT–non-exercise activity thermogenesis–egocentric & geocentric environmental factors vs. biological regulation from Acta Physiol Scand and co-authored by C. M. Kotz) indicates that NEAT is “…activated with over-feeding and suppressed with under-feeding…”. Other articles indicate the role of certain biological factors affect the activity levels which are associated with NEAT. My question is this:
If someone is prone to not be influenced to increase NEAT (due to physical makeup such as diet induced obesity) will having them walk on a treadmill at work simply make them more exhausted and less likely to expend more NEAT the rest of the day (and eventually stop losing weight), or is there a tipping point at which activity activates an internal change so that over time NEAT does become effective. In other words can consistent expenditure of NEAT energy make NEAT energy balance more usable?


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