No surprise. Mayo Clinic Again leads the country!

Posted by Ron Rubenzer @user_cha272278, Aug 14, 2018

I get a free subscription to Medscape (my neurologist MD/PhD suggested Medscape as a peer reviewed source for helpful information, but NOT advice).
Talk to your Doctor about the possible usefulness of Medscape for you. Mayo Clinic Doctors/colleagues are no doubt the country’s best. With that in mind, here is latest-greatest news about Mayo Clinic.
“BREAKING NEWS August 14, 2018

Mayo, Cleveland Clinic Again Leads

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BREAKING NEWS August 14, 2018

Mayo, Cleveland Clinic Again Lead US News Top Hospitals List
Medscape Medical News

End of News Flash.

From Dr. Ron. Your complete confidence in the amazing Mayo clinic team, is completely justified. Trust is power! And you can trust the Mayo Clinic team.

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