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No period for two years?

Posted by @infinitykitty, Aug 9, 2012

So when I was about 17 my period slowly started to like fade away. The time I got it would go from monthly to every other month to like three or four times a year to nothing. Now I’m about to turn 21 and I can’t get it. I was diagnosed with pcos but they tried forcing my period with provera and no luck we tried it four times and they can’t get it. I’ve had ultra sounds and everything but every doctor gives me a whole different answer. I moved last year from new York to Delaware. I dealt with coooommmpletly different physicians. They told me that even though both my parents had cancer and all my grandparents did. They wanted to try hormonal therapy due to my decreasing estrogen. My paternal grandma and mom had breast cancer and my grandma also has cervical and uteruan cancer as well. I just am do confused on what to do.

Any suggestions? I want kids. Im only 20. I’d appreciate it.



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