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No improvement, getting sicker, omg help me

Posted by @toosicktowork in Just Want to Talk, Aug 4, 2011

I've been sick since October of 2010. I've only had one period since then. I can't stand, and I feel light headed and weak all the time, on a good day. I had a vitamin D defidiency, but my doctor told me to take too low of a maintenance dose and I relapsed, and now the 50k IU (second time I'm on it this year) isn't helping, and every day I'm gaining weight and feeling horrible. The doctor here told me I was making it up, and said he'd refuse treatment and send me to the mental hospital, as the results came in for the vitamin deficiency the first time. The first time I was on it, my hands started to swell, and have remained very swollen, ever since. My doctor, though he noted that they were, indeed, very swollen, told me to just not think about it. I feel horrible, and I'm only 33.

The symptoms get worse by the day. Dizziness is getting worse. I can't sleep. Every time I almost drop off, I get a dizzy spell which wakes me up. Today is so bad, and I can't see my doctor until the end of August. They don't know what is wrong with me, and I can't take it anymore. Thyroid tests came back normal. Vitamin D is at about 34, I don't have arthritis, according to a blood test. I do have cervical spondylosis and cervical stenosis. I feel like I'm going to die. My ears ring so bad I have to have a loud fan on or the television, just to attempt to drown it out, but that's getting worse too. I can't stand for 30 minutes. I can barely sit up. If anyone has any ideas please please please please help me. This is so horrible.

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Posted by @toosicktowork, Aug 5, 2011

One doctor said that being sick was depressing, and tried to put me on anti-depressants, to which I refused. I can't bring myself to take such horrible things, especially when the doctor is just trying to dope me up instead of doing his job.


Posted by @morodeoguy67, Aug 7, 2011

Have your sugar checked and heart tha should help ya


Posted by @afternoonnapper1, Aug 8, 2011

Ear ringing is indeed incredibly annoying and can be a sign of things like Meniere Disease. Ultimately, it seems like something is not right and some systems are out of wack. Get a new doc. Yours sound like a jerk! You might want to consider a neuro or maybe even an orthopedist, but at the very least you need a general practioner who listens. Keep a log of your symptoms and take the log to the doctor's office. Note days and times and if you've been doing anything like bending over or on one side. Keep track of your digestive cycles. A blood pressure monitor from the drug store will allow you to test your BP lying down, sitting, and standing. Make note of all three. Going to the doctor's office armed with information rather than just symptoms may help you see some more serious action. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that something is going on with the cervical spondylosis and stenosis that is affecting your nerves, which can in turn produce some very unusual results.


Posted by @fallenangel, Aug 23, 2011

Just a thought, but take a look at all the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome/Cushing's Disease…I am in the same boat, I have been bounced around from doctor to doctor with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, each turning out to be a symptom of something else. I am still on the search to uncover my true condition; but I too have low blood pressure/high pulse/Orthostasis…Chronic fatigue/Narcolepsy (they can't decide), I stopped menstruation almost a year ago, now am deficient in Vit D, B12, and developed Iron deficient anemia, as well as numerous other symptoms like depression and anxiety that aren't affected by starting or stopping meds, as well as numerous others symptoms that all just keep getting worse. It's NOT all in your head, look this one up, it's worth a shot to at least rule this one out.


Posted by @modernhera, Aug 23, 2011

Sounds just like what i have been going through. Have your feet gotten larger at all? I have been too sick to work and thr seemingly unrelated symptoms kept piling on. Turns out i had a very large macroadenoma on my pituitary gland which cause my growth hormone and igf1 to skyrocket causing a rare disease called acromegaly. I just had the surgery at mayo and was treated with such respect. Best of luck to you.

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