No Covid vaccines in Mayo. Waiting for supplies.

Posted by naiviv @naiviv, Jan 27 8:09am

My husband needed to get a Covid test today (1/27) at Mayo because he will be having surgery tomorrow. He asked if they were still vaccinating because he didn’t ser any patients in line. They told him that Mayo is out of the Covid vaccines and they are waiting for more. The Gov DeSantis said Florida was expecting 307,000 Covid vaccines but how these will be distributed is uncertain!!

@naiviv This is a nationwide issue right now. There are 300,000,000 million people in the US, but to date, but less than 50,000,000 million of the needed 600,000,000 doses are available. That literally means there less than 10% of the vaccine doses needed as of today.
Disappointing? Absolutely. But when you consider this virus only came to the US one year ago, and development had to start from "ground zero" it pretty amazing. And the decision of how/where to distribute was left to each governor, so results are uneven across the country….
But both production and the speed of delivering the vaccine is ramping up so it should get better.

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