Nitrous Oxide Treatment For Abscessus & CF

Nitrous Oxide therapy was presented at the Third World NTM Conference in July 2018. Please read this link for the latest news about it.

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@pfists, @unicorn, this article did not make sense to me. Does N.O. work for m.abscessus or not? And, why wouldn't it also work on avium mycobacterium?


Yes I thought the report was a little conflicting also.
It sounded like the woman in reference felt a lot better had lower levels of inflammation and her breathing test was way better but they didn't see reduction in Mycobacteria Abcessus.
Maybe it was going to take a longer time to eliminate Abcessus or to knock it down to a level to where your own body could fight it off.
I wish this NItric Oxide would get past the testing phase soon into the production phase for its use to us who may need it. It also works for pseudomonas which I have had twice last year.
Lets keep our fingers crossed and pray that its sooner than later for its use to the public.
No side effects detected with it so far also is a huge plus!!!

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