Nissen fundoplication success

Posted by aliceorangebike @aliceorangebike, Nov 5, 2019

I’ve read a number of posts from people who are unhappy with the results of their Nissen fundoplication surgeries. I am considering having the surgery and would like to hear from people who are happy with their surgical outcomes. A recent New England Journal of Medicine article reported that two thirds of people are very satisfied with their Nissen outcomes. Do any of these people participate in these posts?


As I am reading all of these comments I am convinced this surgery is a disaster. I was told my gastro I need a nissen fundoplication. I have a close friend who had it done and after 5 years has same problem. My hernia is large I have silent reflux. Pain constantly in upper abdomen. I can not consent to this surgery but don’t know what to do. It seems like not a lot of options that work for this problem.

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Have you thought about the Linx procedure?

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