Newly DX’d with Tubular Adenomas

Posted by myaopins @myaopins, Sep 1 6:04am

Had colonoscopy 6 days ago. Within 4 days got test results with DX: Tubular Adenomas. Of course, looked it up. As a breast cancer survivor I am very concerned and scared. Thought I would hear from DR directly by now, but have not. Is this normal/new that patient is notified by lab 1st? Am I overly anxious about the time frame and how long should I wait to be contacted?

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Hi @myaopins, I've had tubular adenomas found during colonscopies, twice. I completely understand that you're anxious having read the results in your lab report first and not yet talked with your doctor. Being a cancer survivor, you're extra vigilant.

Let me give you a few facts to help dampen the worry:
– Tubular adenomas are precancerous polyps
– Tubular adenomas are common. 50% of the population develops them
– Less than 10% of tubular adenomas become cancerous
– Cancer in the colon can be stopped in its tracks by removing precancerous polyps and continued screening

If you haven't heard from your doctor by the beginning of next week, call the office. Don't let it wait for your peace of mind. Given that it's the weekend, I'll be around if you want to ask anymore questions or just talk.


I had a tubular adenoma that was small and removed. It was benign. Was yours removec


@myaopins, I'm not sure if you saw the question @lrado12 asked of you. Were the tubular adenomas removed?

@lrado12, in my case the tubular adenomas were removed during the colonoscopy and proved to be pre-cancerous.

@myaopins, how are you doing? I trust you've seen your doctor or been contacted since you last posted. Any update?


Hello @myaopins

I hope by now that you have talked with someone in your doctor's office regarding the tubular adenomas and have some peace of mind regarding the follow up you need.

In the event that lab or procedure reports are posted prior to a doctor's notes, I use the patient portal to ask questions of the doctor's staff. They are usually prompt (within 48 hours) of returning a message to you through the patient portal with answers to your concerns.

Did your doctor advise you about diet suggestions order to lessen the possibility of more polyps?

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