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Newly diagnosed with Vulvar cancer

Posted by @dearannie2000, Jan 11, 2012

starting chemo and radiation soon..any tips ?



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Posted by @angelprana, Jan 23, 2012

I just completed my 6 months of treatments for ovarian cancer. I made sure and had friends visit, we played cards, told stories, looked at magazines, another day we made bracelets, even brought my dog as my therapy dog. In total I had 18 treatments. Just competed them on Thursday. next step radiation. I also wrote in my journal. I also drank lots of water everyday and still do. I focsued on healing prior to entering the treatment room and blowing out the toxins during my yoga. I always knew I could do this. I also have read 20 books since I was diagnosed on June 13, 2011. Stay focused on healing and do not waver on the talk in your head,
Learn to meditate that was key for me. My mantra was joy, peace, bliss and still is.

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