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Multiple conditions: breast cancer, ovarian mass and cirrhosis

Posted by @dcgal, Dec 4, 2011

hi, thought i would just take a chance. i need a left mastectomy, removal of an ovarian mass and have cirrhosis. does anyone have any experience with cirrhosis and surgery? e.g. effect on liver function afterward. or done a duo surgery at same time, like this? have consulted 10 specialists and all have a different tx plan, thinking of going to mayo, but time has way passed being of the essence, thanks,



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Posted by @table36, May 26, 2012

October 2010 I was diagnosed with cirrohosis. My liver doctor has told me before I have any type of surgery (even tooth removal) I need to get his approval due to the clotting factor. I bleed freely when I am cut or even nicked while getting a pedicure. I would suggest going to him first before any surgery is done.

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