New to the group, I'm having tachycardia issues

Posted by MGMolly @Erinmfs, Nov 23, 2021


I'm new to this group, but not new to Connect. I'm having dizziness when I walk for exercise, and I've had tachycardia for quite some time, my doctor has ordered a heart monitor for 48 hours and an echocardiogram. I had my heart tested at Mayo in 2014, so in looking at my old records, I had tachycardia back then even! Is there anything I should know, and questions I should ask next week when I go in for this procedure?

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A TV star passed away recently, due to tachycardia, at age 67. I read the news regarding his health, and he had something similar. Perhaps my life expectancy is 67 years? I take atenolol pill daily now, and my heart rae has been below 100 bpm each time it's been measured since I started this med. my echocardiogram said hypertrophy.

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Pretty good news about your experience with Atenolol, a beta blocker that seems to work well against arrythmia in the heart. My wife has been on that medication for 10 years or more, after experiencing tachycardia. She thinks that the medication plus an hour's exercise three times a week has kept the problem at bay. Martin

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