New Study at UVA - repair damaged peripheral nervous system

Posted by sadfeet @sadfeet, Apr 5, 2019

I read an article today on the UVA website (UVA Today). "Researchers found that when they chemically disrupt specific mechanisms of neural activity in the central nervous system, they can, in effect open a border wall to allow a critical nerve-repairing cell to migrate into the peripheral nervous system- a region those cells generally don't enter. The cells, a subset of non-neuronal cells called oligodendrocytes ……- they make repairs to damaged neuronal cells. The article was written by Fariss Samara. The research was led by Sarah Kucenas. It said the study would be published April 2 in the journal Cell Reports (I could not find that). If interested check out the UVA website. Repair to damaged peripheral nerves would be amazing for all kinds of diseases and sufferers!

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Hi, @sadfeet – I believe this is the study you referred to I was not immediately finding the study in Cell Reports,, either, but perhaps did not dig far enough.

@artscaping @lorirenee1 @dwilkin @elained @dancermurphy @johnkatie may have interest in this article and have some thoughts to share about it.

Will you share more about what got your attention with this article on the University of Virginia (UVA) website, @sadfeet?


Here is the Cells Report article referenced above.

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Cell Reports Article (Cell-Reports-Article-2.pdf)


Thanks for finding the article. I feel hopeful that perhaps they will find a way to manipulate the OPC's that would allow them to myelinate the damaged nerves. Although I can not see my damaged nerves in my feet I can imagine that the chemo attacked the myelin causing me to have false pain signals. A little bit of hope helps.

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