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New mole growing over removal scar

Posted by @babygirl25, Jul 12, 2012

Hi. I’m a 30 yr old female. I had a spitz Nevis removed June 2011 from my stomach. I have a 3 inch scar from the incision and the scar stays irritable. My question is that since I had the surgery, I have noticed 3 small moles pop up around the scar and a long skinny one form horizontally across the scar. I naturally have a lot of moles. At least 300 I would I guess .. And most of these are on the left side of my body .. Not sure that really matters but I lost my grandpa to melanoma in 2010 and my gramma had facial reconstruction from melanoma in 2007… And has since passed from stomach cancer.. I wld go back to my dr but I’m starting a new job with no vacation time and have to wait 2 months for my health insurance to kick in. Are the new moles normal?


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