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New here

Posted by @hoagie6 in Mental Health, Mar 18, 2012

I'm new to this site. Looking for other women who deal w/ bipolar and severe depression to relate to, talk to.. I've been having a really hard time lately and I'm finding it's hard to explain to my family and friends, who are trying really hard to be supportive, just don't get it. I am married to an awesome guy and we have 4 kids, 2 that have disabilities. Our 8yr son is bipolar as well. I'm having a hard time lately just getting out of bed…so I am hoping to make some connections and hopefully not feel so alone. Thanks, Melissa

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Posted by @piglit, Mar 18, 2012

Hi So sorry that you are not finding things not to easy at the moment. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Itcan be hard sometimes to motivate yourself when you are on a lower ebb of things. By the sounds of things you have rather alot to deal with yourself. Try to focus of the positives this is what gets me through the difficult times. You are married to someone who tries to support you. and you have been blessed with 4 beautiful children. Sometimes iit is hard for family to understand, I feel alot of the reason for this is the fact that they don't like you feeling this way, and are concerned. Try to motivate yourself I always find that going for a lovely walk is a good way to make me feel brighter, maybe it will work for you. Please never feel that you are alone there are always people who are willing to listen and who do care. Please talk to me anytime you feel the need to am always here if you need to talk Take care Piglit

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 18, 2012

Hi Melissa
Try not to feel alone. I know its hard when it becomes challenging to do even little things. You'll find a lot of support on this site. I live in the US and Piglit lives down under and we communicate daily. You can ad us to your friends list and discussions are private. However, we also try to communicate with as many people possible
There is strength in number's and I think this site has truly special folks that take time each day to uplift another's spirit.
You sound like you have a lot on your plate. I remember total darkness and people would say brighter days ahead and it was bothersome because they could not feel what I felt. The truth, Melissa, there are brighter days and there are days that you just want to be over already. Its a battle sometimes but you don't have to feel alone because you will find that this world really has some good people in it.
Welcome to a safe method of connecting with people from all over the world with a common bond.
Don't hesitate to say you need to chat. Have a blessed night


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 20, 2012

How is your day going? It sounds like you had a great day yesterday with the children and husband. Treasure those days and when you don't feel so good think about those times because they are wonderful memories that can give us hope that all will be the same again. Don't forget, the entire human race has good and bad days, perhaps not as bad as our bad days but we have to believe that we can overcome anything.
Be Well,


Posted by @china, Mar 23, 2012

New myself very interesting how open people are. I wish I could open up more.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 24, 2012

Great resource for us all. You'll find that most members are so very supportive.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 24, 2012

How are you feeling Hoagie? I hope you are feeling welcomed and supported through your recovery. Just checking in...


Posted by @kturd, Apr 6, 2012

I am new to this site also. You deserve a medal and 10 cruises!!!! I am dating someone bipolar...I believe my sister is bipolar and my aunt is bipolar.....My son is not as of now but I worry about it. You just want what is best for your kids.....I commend you because of all you are dealing with....Sometimes Joel Osteen works for me.....I am here to learn more about bipolar...Its like the impulses are overpowering..I'm not sure, I'm trying to get an understanding..

....I grew up working with mentally and physically challenged kids/people...It can be exhausting...I currently work with an autistic down syndrome student in the elementary...what is fascinating is seeing how her mind works and finding out how to make the are not alone....i hope it gets better


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 18, 2012



Posted by @roxie43, Apr 18, 2012

How are things my friend?


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 28, 2012

I hope you're ok and know that we're thinking of you.


Posted by @sillyblone, May 29, 2012

I also have this as well as other diagnosises but I totally understand. I have lost my profession, friends and treated like ??? You never get over it totally, but you have to persevere. I recently attempted suicide and was almost sucessful. Luckily someone helped whom I love dearly. Just know you are not the only one out there. There is alot of secrecy and stigma. Hold your head up high and know your not alone..silyblonde

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