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Posted by @amberpep in Mental Health, Jul 2, 2012

Hi folks. About 18 years ago I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and have since been taking Zoloft. Several years ago it became less effective and my doctor added Pristiq. Then 3 years ago I had a breakdown - was not hospitalized because I was not suicidal, but was enrolled in a program at the hospital for 4 weeks - days only.
Well, now it seems I have Cyclothymia. I am taking Zoloft, Pristiq, Klonopin, and Lamictal. All my family is dead, except for my 3 children who are adults and do not live near me .... I feel very alone, even though I have a few friends - not too many but a few. I can hide this disorder quite well, and as such very few people even know. It's good to find this support group. I hope it's active because that's what I need.

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Posted by @roxie43, Jul 3, 2012

Hi Barb,
Thank you for sharing and starting a new dicussion. You may feel alone but I am one stranger reaching out to you. I often feel alone and I have family. Depression can makes us feel so many things and can make us withdraw from life. Do the medications help you? I notiice you take Klonopin. Do you also suffer from panic disorder or anxiety?
For me, being proud of who I am can be very freeing despite the stigma associated with illnesses. Try to simply be yourself..


Posted by @amberpep, Jul 3, 2012

Hi Roxie .... I'm glad you responded. I'm totally confused how the discussion board works. Yes, I've got depression/anxiety and PTSD and now it seems Cyclothymia, thus the Lamictal. I grew up in a totally alcoholic home, an only child, and was abused in every way by my mother and uncle. At 20, I got married (to get out) to a man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We had 3 kids, all now adults, and after 40 years we were divorced. So there's a lot of "stuff" sort of rolled into this 67 year old lady. I now live alone with my dog and 2 cats in a condo. I have some friends, but spend most of my time alone. I see a therapist 2x a week, thankfully. One of the things my therapist has walked through with me, besides the divorce, dismantling the "very good, make no waves" person I was so that I could be more real .... more me.
I so appreciate you're writing to me .... thank you. Now for a question about the
Board .... I am on one other Depression/Anxiety Board (not Mayo clinic) and the way it works is someone posts, and the answers follow underneath. Can you enlighten me as to how it works?
Many thanks,


Posted by @piglit, Jul 3, 2012

Hi Barb I would like to welcome you to. I too have suffered with anxiety from a very young age and depression later in my life. I can relate to the covering of the disorder I have learnt to do this myself over the years. My dr says I amaze him at times when he knows that things in my life are so hard yet know one else would know. I'm glad that you have a few friends, they are important to have in your life. I feel lonely at times I think we all do. Since joining this support group I have made very dear friends, one of my dear friends being Roxie who has replied to you as well. It is good as we are not judgemental in anyway and understand and care for each other. With this post the answers do follow on from the replies. I hope this helps. Please remember that you are not alone and I , Rox and others members are here for you anytime. Take care Piglit


Posted by @amberpep, Jul 3, 2012

Thank you pigit .... thank you also so much for writing. It really helps to have some new on-line friends. I've found they can be very understanding, kind, and wise because "they've been there" or "are there now."
I'm heading out right now to see my therapist ... bless him .... he's been through a lot with me.
Again, thank you so very much.

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