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new hepatitis c treatment

Posted by @mturner in Just Want to Talk, Sep 5, 2011

wanted to find out if anyone has gone through the hep c new treatment, what are the side effects that my husband can expect this is his 3rd round of treatment i remember the weight loss depression and lack of engery from the last treatment.

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Posted by @peggydeal222, Nov 17, 2011

i havent gone thru new treatment I have done other treatment 4 x. Just finished year of mainteance dose and had to stop with blood work being so low


Posted by @sild, Jan 28, 2012

so now what are u up to? did u end up w/long term side effects??? r u functioning normal again? did u do any immune building tx and healthy alternative tx as well? do u take milk thistle?


Posted by @peggydeal222, Jan 31, 2012

I am off medicine as of Sept 1, my platletts are still low. Everything is ok. Dont know about long term affects since I had to take 3 neuprin shots a week which takes from bone marrow. whats tx? I take live 52 plus milk thistle


Posted by @mgmsr59, Feb 23, 2012

well i dont no but when u find something out let me know too cauz he and i are goin thru they added a new pill alo g with the peg intron and riba iran the new pill ic ek not sure how to spell it but they td me the side affects r min as slight rash in the inject n area or so but im doin a natro pathoc dr and so far so good and short of lots of nat pills and payin myself instead of job benefits its really great orherwise we have to wait and pray for new medicines clinical trails etc anyway hope this helps god bless and keep u and yor boo ttill later best of luck remmember love is the key

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