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Never refreshed

Posted by @paulo in Sleep Health, Jul 12, 2012

I have done all sorts of blood tests,nothing.I was diagnosed with sleep apnea but machine hasnt help.I went as far as getting ect treatments for depression because the doctor said i was depressed but it didnt help. This is going on four years and nothing has helped. I dont have a thyroid issue, or anything that has come up abnormal in the blood tests. I can sleep all types of hours but it makes no difference. All day its constant sleepiness, extremely low energy.
any ideas?

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Posted by @lom, Aug 2, 2012

I have been sleeping with a cpap for about 4 months and I could have written this myself. I too am looking for a solution. I hope joining this community/discussion will provide some useful information.


Posted by @paulo, Aug 3, 2012

Well its funny, I was just told a week ago that I have diabetes. My doctor never told me about my A1C level was high. There are several symptoms that I didnt know about diabetes that I have. They also said that im depressed,hmmm well see about that.... Check you sugars let me know if thishelps


Posted by @lom, Aug 3, 2012

Thanks for the tip and getting back to me promptly!
What is an A1C level? Do you feel any better now?
I have had my face mask replaced with a smaller one.....I feel better this morning (I just got it yesterday)....I will keep you posted....Thank you...

Posted by Anonymous-c44042c6, Aug 3, 2012

No problem, a1c is what measures your blood sugars from the time that you have blood work to three months back. It doeant give you the comon 150 sugar results. It measures from 4.5 to around 15. If you are above 5.5 your borderline diabetic...well my doctors never told me that i was 6.6 last year. I just hadabs done ans i came back at 9.2. I went with endicronologist for that. Im 265 5'7 and the weight played a roll...dont know where your at. I was told that i still am depressed but that doesnt convince me.look up the diabetes website to find out more far as feeling better i jhave been on meds for 3 days its to soon.....


Posted by @lom, Aug 3, 2012

Thanks....I will keep you posted!


Posted by @cindytolb, Aug 15, 2012

Hi. Have you had your potassium and Vit D levels checked?


Posted by @lom, Aug 15, 2012

No...should ?


Posted by @cindytolb, Aug 15, 2012

I would ask them to specifically check your levels when they do your bloodwork. It is possible they overlooked checking your levels. Having them check your A1C levels is a good idea too! The vitamins and minerals and other compound levels are so intricate to our well-being.


Posted by @lom, Aug 15, 2012

ok I see the doctor soon!


Posted by @joecinma, Nov 3, 2012

I understand completely - I can't get restorative sleep. I got good news from my sleep study this year (3rd one since 2006). I no longer have sleep apnea - I lost some weight and my AHI (Aponea Hypopnea index I think) is around 2 per hour.

Now for the bad news. I am still tired - every day - weekday or weekend.

I did some digging and found out the sleep is divided into 4 stages -


REM - RESTORATIVE LEVEL (and dreaming)

The "normal" % of sleep time in N3 and REM should add up to about 40%

For me - 0% in N3, 6% in REM.

My restorative sleep % is 6% instead of 40%.

N3 does decrease with age - and one of my medications has the unfortunate side effect of reducing N3 sleep.

I've come to the conclusion - which I hope is wrong - that there is no interest in sleep problems unless you have sleep apnea - then you will become a regular customer for CPAP equipment - and supplies ever 3 months!

Mayo Clinic Staff and fellow sleep-deprived friends - does the above make sense?

What should I do next?


Posted by @drkatie, Aug 27, 2012

Sleep is still a big mystery to the doctors and scientists, generally. So many things affect it, and bad sleep makes other things worse. That being said, I recommend the kinds of therapies and activities that balance the body overall; Therapies that don't need a symptom or diagnosis to treat such as Acupuncture, some Chiropractic techniques (probably not the popping kind for this, but the kinds that use muscle testing such as Applied Kinesiology), NAET to rule out and treat allergies of all kinds, Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy to treat upper chest and head tension which can lead to snoring and sinus congestion, and to also bring down stress and balance the body. Also, your brain actually has the capacity to help create for you the kind of sleep you want. At bedtime, just set your intention - tell your brain and body and all parts of your whole being very firmly how you want to sleep: deeply, deep healing sleep, etc, and then how you want to wake up in the morning: refreshed, completely rested, etc. Do this every night for a week and see how it goes. When I forget how it feels to sleep really deeply, like a teenager, I do this and it works every time.

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