Never addicted: Why?

Posted by pepsi97 @pepsi97, Sep 20, 2020

Can someone explain to me how is it possible to NOT get addicted and to NOT have any cravings? Me and my brother smoked one single cigarette when we were young, more than 10 years ago. Unfortulently my brother was made by his friends to smoke and he smokes one pack a day. However I seem to be fine, I NEVER had any cravings or felt the need to try another cigarette, even through I am near my smoking parents and my smoking workmates everyday. How come my brother started smoking and I haven’t been addicted after just one cigarette?

Without a medical degree, I think the way you describe each of your beginnings may offer a clue. It sounds as if you simply experimented and didn't enjoy the experience enough to repeat it. Your brother on the other hand sounds as if the experience, and continued smoking, may have at first been a way to "fit in or be cool". That can create a psychological craving for the social reinforcement received from cigarettes. Of course, continued use leads to a physical addiction and craving that for me, was much more difficult physically to overcome than my alcoholism. I tried every smoking cessation gimmick (and I don't mean that critically as each one has value to someone) known prior to 2008. On Dec. 21, 2008, I simply decided that the smell was making it nearly impossible to be near my wife because she developed an allergy to smoke and I did not like what it was adding to a chronic disease I contracted. I threw away what I had (probably at least the 10th or 12th time I had done so) and have not smoked since. I just needed more motivation than I carried in previous attempts.

Hope this helps, Gary


I guess something's special about me.

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