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neurosurgical team at Arizona

Posted by @terridionizio, Aug 3, 2012

I requested an appointment with the neurosurigical team at Mayo Arizona. I was contacted with a request for additional informatin to be reviewed by a grop conference on July 25th and told that I whould be notified of a treatment decision would be made within 48 hours. I called and was told that the review including neurosurgeons, pain management, and rehab had determined that there was nothing that the clinic could do for me that would improve my condition.

After accepting the response I called back and asked that the documentation of the conclusion be sent to me so that I could pursue other avenues for treatment and was told that they do not document their patient denials. Not even a standard thank you for concidering Mayo Clinic.

Seriously, how can Mayo Clinic claim to be “the best” of anything if they only treat easy patients! And of course they don’t document their decisions that would make them responsible for their actions.

This is an unacceptable scenario for a health care provider that is listed as a “center of excellence” with my health insurance company.


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